Kaspers Elderflower schnapps receives the Superior Taste Award!
31 May

Kaspers Elderflower schnapps receives the Superior Taste Award!

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We are pleased to share with you a special achievement: our Kaspers elderflower schnapps has been honored with the prestigious Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute. This is not our only success, as our Kaspers Gin also received the same prestigious award. With an impressive score of 89.1%, our Gin approaches perfection, giving you an outstanding drink close to the distinction of exceptional product.

The comments received from the expert jury were particularly complimentary:

"With its sparkling and crystalline clarity, this drink flows fluidly in the glass, promising a delightful drinking experience."

"The freshness of the schnapps is evident on the palate, contributing to a pleasing drinking experience."

"Overall, this is a very good product with an alluring appearance, thanks to its pure, bright shine and appealing elderflower colour.”

These awards are the result of our team's dedication and passion for creating products of the highest quality. We are grateful for the international recognition and are committed to continuing to innovate and perfect every drink we produce.

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