Pivnița Bunicii at ROventura on Kanal D

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We are pleased to share with you a wonderful news: Pivnița Bunicii shone on the small screens on the show ROventura on Kanal D! Broadcast on November 25th, the episode brought to the fore the charm and richness of our tradition. During the show, viewers had the chance to see the warm and authentic atmosphere of Pivnița Bunicii. From our traditional roots to the authentic taste of our products, we shared with ROventura what makes Pivnița Bunicii truly special. If you missed the live broadcast of the episode, we invite you to watch the Youtube broadcast on our channel, Pivnita Bunicii - Saschiz Artisan Food & Drinks.

KASPERS GIN - in stock on September 15th

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Our distinguished and loved KASPERS Elderflower Gin will be soon available again, as a new batch is now in production! Every bottle is made of 2.7kg of fresh, hand picked, wild harvested elderflower. The elderflower concentrate we produced in May and June is stored and gradually processed into gin - on the span of 3 to 4 weeks the gin is being distilled 3 times and gin specific flowers and condiments are added to achieve the lovely awarded taste. From the wild flowery meadows of Transylania into the elegant bottles, available again on September 15th!

Electric Vehicle Charging in Saschiz

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Electric Vehicle Charging Sations by Pivnita Bunicii

Carbon Neutral

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Our products are now carbon neutral!

Superior Taste Award

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Kaspers Elderflower has been awarded 2 stars by the International Taste Institute

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