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NEW PRODUCT at Pivnița Bunicii!!

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The latest addition to our family of gifts: Grandma's Jars! This gift box is a journey into the world of authentic tastes and traditional flavours that the grandmother has carefully preserved over the years. What is Grandma's Jars, you ask? Well, it is a prepared selection of homemade jams that will remind you of the taste of childhood. In each box you will find three jars filled with delicious jams: Plum jam - Each teaspoon of this jam will take you back to your grandmother's garden, under the trees with ripe plums. The sweet and rich taste of this jam is simply irresistible. Blueberry jam - The intense and slightly sour taste of blueberry is found in every sip of this jam. It is a real explosion of freshness and flavor. Rhubarb jam with ginger - A unique combination of the natural sweetness of rhubarb and the spicy aroma of ginger. It is a real surprise for the taste buds. Whether you want to pamper yourself or make a special gift to someone you love, Grandma's Jars are the perfect choice. Each jar is made with ingredients of the highest quality and with genuine love for the tradition of authentic tastes.

Wine tasting at Pivnița Bunicii

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”Last Saturday, we had the joy of welcoming a group of six friends from Hungary who spent a weekend in Saschiz, eager to explore and to enjoy a local wine”, said Dóczi Sándor, General Manager at Pivnița Bunicii. One of the guests had already visited Saschiz and was delighted to return, sharing his experience with friends. Looking for weekend activities andfollowing a request for a wine tasting , they reached us thanks to the recommendation of the guest house where they were accomodated, at Pensiunea Keisd. We presented them six wines to taste from Villa Vinea, the nearest commercial winery. First we started with a light Rose and then two white wines, Feteasca Regala and Kerner. Served with a selection of local cheese from Manufactura de Brânză, bread and some chutney from Pivnița Bunicii / Transylvania Food Company Srl. Next we had three red wines, Feteasca Neagra and Pinot Noir, served with a selection of cold meat from Mangalitza FOOD ART. In the end, we gave them our gin and our Elderflower Schanpps and the impressions were some very good! ”Such strong juniper gin flavor combined with elderflower, I have not experienced yet. And the elderflower schnapps is rich floral.”, said one of them. The atmosphere was very pleasant, both for us and for them. Saschiz is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a short break, but rich in cultural and cullinary experiences. We look forward to welcoming you to us!

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