Our Team

James Turnbull

Founder, Director and CEO of the Food Development Company and Director and Administrator at the Transylvania Food Company Srl. Although based in England he has been working in Romania since 2000 and visits Saschiz on a regular basis. He is Founder and Managing Director of Belmont Management Consultants Ltd. Further details and a full CV can be found on www.bmc-ltd.com or by viewing his profile on LinkedIn.

Sir Norman Murray Pringle Bt

Founder, Director, Company Secretary and CFO of the Food Development Company Ltd and Founder and Managing Director of Salama Ltd. He is a Chartered Management Accountant, Chartered Secretary, Chartered Governance Professional and Certified Management Consultant. He has been an Associate Consultant with Belmont Management Consultants Ltd since 2003, working on the Government Business Link scheme assisting business start-ups and with the preparation of business plans for various commercial and development organisations. He has worked for many years as consultant and/or team leader with high-profile organisations in the food, ecological-tourism and development areas, specialising in strategic and financial planning. This has included the business plan for the Transylvania Food Company. Further details and a full CV can be found on www.bmc-ltd.com or by viewing his profile on LinkedIn.

Diana Stoichițescu

Is Administrator of TFC. After graduating in Economics & Tourism from Brasov University, she joined the TFC management team in July 2012 as Assistant Administrator and was promoted to General Manager in September 2014. Her studies to become a qualified accountant continued and in August 2015 she established her own company with TFC as her first client. Working part time for TFC, she remains responsible for preparing our statutory (SAGA) and IFRS financial management accounts and reports (QuickBooks), cash flow (Fluidly) banking and HR management. In July 2020, she was appointed TFC Administrator, anchors our institutional history and is a key member of our management team. She is from Brasov / Saschiz but now lives in Sighisoara. 

Sándor Dóczi

Joined the team in January 2016 as Production Manager. He is a graduate in civil engineering and has most recently been responsible for stock management and quality control of grain: receiving, drying and storing in a silo complex prior to shipment by rail to the customer. He has learned on the job and is now responsible for every aspect of production, our food safety certification, waste recycling and carbon offset, our distillery and site maintenance. For two years he worked in Hungary and his native languages are Romanian and Hungarian and he has good English. He lives on site in Saschiz.

Radu Gaja

Joined the staff in May 2018 having previously worked at least five elderflower seasons, and in March 2019 became one of the three people being trained to distill gin. He lives in Saschiz and was promoted to Logistics Assistant in February 2020. Building on his background knowledge of our production processes, he uses our inventory software (Order Time) to control the procurement of ingredients, to prepare orders and invoice customers. This provides a key element of the traceability required in the food industry.

Dorothea "Puppi" Ziegler

Joined the team in August 2018 as Admin Assistant. She is a Saxon from Saschiz and her MSc is in German Literature. Since joining the company, has been responsible for upgrading the web site, managing the shop, controlling BRC documentation and introducing the new inventory control software. She is fluent in Romanian, English and German. In September 2020, she opted to work part time, initially 5 days per month and continues to have responsibility for inventory reporting and trouble shooting. 

Yasminne Mureșan

Joined the team in November 2020 as Admin Assistant and will progressively take over from Dorothea. She lives in Saschiz, has a car and driving licence and is fluent in Romanian, English and German.

Maria Călugăr

Joined the team in May 2016. She lives 50 m from our facility and retired after over 20 years as Town Hall Secretary (Administrator) a few years ago. She now works part time for TFC, looking after groups for the Taste Experience, attends markets and helps in the shop. She is confident, knowledgeable and when attending markets is frequently interviewed about our products for local television and radio.

Marilena Rus

Joined the team in July 2015 as Production Supervisor and comes with considerable cooking skills and knowledge of traditional . She has previously worked in the food industry.

Juliet Turnbull

Is UK based and works part-time for the Food Development Company. She is responsible for our Etsy on-line shop as well as the UK-based events and  she has a background in on-line sales of her own craft products. Prior to this she has been in retail and pub management.

Edwin Vera

A shareholder in the Food Development Company and our Project Manager for the Latin America region. He is also co-founder of Veritas (Socio-economic Development & Technology) Limitada in Chile. He has over 30 year experience in integrated rural development in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia and has been an adviser and associate consultant with BMC Ltd since 2009. He is responsible for developing opportunities for the Food Development Company in Central and South America and is equally fluent in English and Spanish.


Maurice Pullen is an adviser to, and shareholder in, the Food Development Company. He has a background in international insurance and advises TFC on insurance matters.

Peter Clarke is an adviser to, and shareholder in, the Food Development Company. He has a background in horticulture production and marketing.