Superior Taste Award
10 Jan

Superior Taste Award

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We are pleased to announce that today we were notified by the International Taste Institute in Brussels that Kaspers Elderflower has  been awarded two stars with an overall score of 89%.


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KASPERS Elderflower - 500ml
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The new Spirit Drink from Saschiz, Transylvania!For more information on Kaspers Elderflower, please watch the video filmed at #GinOTeca in Bucharest. Ingredients: base spirit from elderflower, juniper berries and other botanicals.40% Alc.No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.The KASPERS Label was designed by Sheona Turnbull, graphic designer and illustrator, recently graduated from Kingston School of Art, London.Where you can buy it from:GinOteca - BucharestPlantelor Nr. 25BucharestSamsara Foodhouse - Cluj-NapocaCardinal Iuliu Hossu Nr. 3Cluj-Napoca    Arhiva de Cafea si Ceai - SibiuArhivelor, Nr. 2SibiuBioShop - Bucharest Cezar Bolliac, Nr.8 Sector 3, BucurestiCreative Intention Coffee SRL - SlatinaPACII, NR. 6SlatinaServing Suggestions:Try KASPERS Elderflower on its own with some ice.Classic gin and tonic with plenty of iceKASPERS Elderflower - 50ml FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic Water - 100 to 200mlAdd ice and a wedge of lemon Our local mixologist @puiu3000 has created some interesting cocktails:Golden Flower, a cocktail original:KASPERS Elderflower - 50mlBlood Orange Liqueur - 50mlPeychaud’s Bitters - 3 dropsAdd tonic water, ice and garnish with a slice of lime, edible flowers and cucumber. Kaspers 75KASPERS Elderflower - 45ml Lemon Juice - 30ml Bottlegreen Elderflower Syrup - 15ml Shaken with ice and strained into a champagne fluteTop up with 60ml Prosecco Spoils of SpringKASPERS Elderflower - 60ml Pivnita Bunicii Raspberry Cordial - 20mlPivnita Bunicii Mint & Lemonbalm Cordial - 10ml Lime Juice - 30ml Splash of soda after shaking and straining in a coupe White NegroniKASPERS Elderflower - 45mlSuze - Gentian Aperitif - 45ml Bianco Vermouth - 45ml Build and stir in tumbler with a large ice cube or lots of ice..

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