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They go great with meats and cheese! Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, or even tart, but always tasty! 

Apricot Chutney - 190g
19.00 Lei Ex Tax: 19.00 Lei

This apricot chutney is great with any grilled meat!A combination of ingredients like brown sugar, v..

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Chilli Relish - 190g Chilli Relish - 190g Sold out
Chilli Relish - 190g
22.00 Lei Ex Tax: 22.00 Lei

Sweet, hot, spicy all in one jar.Its vibrant color, ranging from intense red to bright orange, refle..

Sold out
Garlic Chutney - 190g
19.00 Lei Ex Tax: 19.00 Lei

This is our present to all the garlic-lovers out there.The garlic delicacy can be enjoyed in numerou..

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Mushroom Chutney - 190g
19.00 Lei Ex Tax: 19.00 Lei

The subtle taste of mushrooms combined with spices will liven up beef, ham and poultry.Ingredients: ..

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Plum & Garlic Chutney - 190g
15.00 Lei Ex Tax: 15.00 Lei

This speciality combines the sweetness of the plum with the spice of garlic. It goes well with grill..

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Red Onion Chutney - 190g Red Onion Chutney - 190g Sold out
Red Onion Chutney - 190g
24.00 Lei Ex Tax: 24.00 Lei

This delicious and spicy chutney is perfect as a gift or even treat yourself. Eat with cheese or mea..

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Rhubarb Chutney - 190g
21.00 Lei Ex Tax: 21.00 Lei

Serve this great mix of sweet and tart with cold meat and cheese.Ingredients: rhubarb (29%), ginger,..

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Spicy Apple & Quince Chutney - 190g
14.00 Lei Ex Tax: 14.00 Lei

The fine and subtle taste of this chutney makes it perfect for cold meats and cheese.Ingredients: ap..

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Spicy Pepper Sauce - 190g
23.00 Lei Ex Tax: 23.00 Lei

The perfect ingredient to give a deliciously spicy flavour to all meat and cheese.This is the perfec..

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Spicy Tomato Chutney - 190g
18.00 Lei Ex Tax: 18.00 Lei

A spicy chutney based on a traditional Saxon recipe. Great served with meat or cheese.Local heirloom..

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Sweet Chilli Jam - 200g
19.00 Lei Ex Tax: 19.00 Lei

Great with meat or cheese. A fresh taste of chilli, not masked by other flavours.Chilli peppers, wit..

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