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We consider honey to be one of the most symbolic products of the local landscape and certainly the taste and flavour is much appreciated by visitors to the area. The countryside is pure and clean with an abundance of wild flowers and plants. The different plants and flowers produce very different and distinctive flavours. We buy our honey from a single father-and-son bee-keeper-duo and bottle it at our premises in Saschiz.

Acacia Honey - 450g
47.00 Lei Ex Tax: 47.00 Lei

With its sweet, light floral taste, acacia honey is a perfect sugar substitute. Purchased from ..

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Hawthorn Honey - 450g
40.00 Lei Ex Tax: 40.00 Lei

Purchased from a father-and-son bee-keeper-duo and packed at our premises. Ingredients: Ha..

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Honeydew Honey - 450g Sold out
Honeydew Honey - 450g
60.00 Lei Ex Tax: 60.00 Lei

Honeydew Honey is the only natural honey in our country, whitch is not produced by bees from nectar ..

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Lime Honey - 450g
35.00 Lei Ex Tax: 35.00 Lei

This honey is a high-quality monofloral variety with a rich flavor profile and a number of health be..

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Wildflower Honey with Sea Buckthorn - 450g
30.00 Lei Ex Tax: 30.00 Lei

Sea Buckthorn is considered a tonic by local herbalists. Purchased from a father-and-son bee-ke..

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Wildflower Meadow Honey - 450g Wildflower Meadow Honey - 450g Sold out
Wildflower Meadow Honey - 450g
52.00 Lei Ex Tax: 52.00 Lei

Truly symbolic product of the area. Purchased from a father-and-son bee-keeper-duo and packed a..

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